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Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting PlumberJunction.com. The website ("PLJ") provides information to anyone interested in providing or obtaining commercial and residential plumbing services, home improvement and other related services ("Home Improvement Services"). PLJ is operated by the Optimysis Inc. d/b/a PlumberJunction.com ("PlumberJunction.com", "us" or "we").
This Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use and disclose information from visitors of PLJ ("you"). By using PLJ and submitting information on the Site, you agree to our use, collection and disclosure of your information in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy becomes effective as of the "Last Updated" date specified below.

How Your Information Is Collected

Personally Identifiable Information:You are not required to provide your personally identifiable information when you visit PLJ. However, in order to obtain information, including quotes from plumbing companies ("Vendors"), you must fill out and submit a quote request form containing personally identifiable information including without limitation your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address, and information pertaining to your plumbing service needs (a "Quote Request").

Passive Information: PLJ automatically collects information and may also customize your visit through technical means, including the following:

  • Cookies: Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer's hard drive by our computers (or servers) to identify your computer.

  • IP Address Logs: We also log Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, i.e., the location of your computer on the Internet.

We use cookies to recognize you when you visit PLJ, to personalize your experience and generally serve you better. The information collected by these technical means is aggregated and anonymous and shall be referred to in this Privacy Policy as "Usage Data." You can disable cookies or otherwise manage them through tools provided with your browser and/or with third-party software packages.

How Your Information Is Used

Our Use of Your Information: The information in your Quote Request and Usage Data may be stored on our servers, our computers, or as cookies on your computer. This information may be used to compile aggregate data that is not personally identifiable and may be used internally or shared with third parties in an aggregate, non-identifiable format.

We may also use the information you provide in your Quote Request to (i) contact you about your satisfaction with PLJ, whether you obtained plumbing Services from any Vendor through PLJ, the identity of any such Vendor, and your satisfaction with the Services provided by such Vendor, and (ii) to send you information and promotional messages about our products and services, or the products or services that we offer on this Site or on our other websites.

Third Party Use of Your Information: We will not share any of the personally identifiable information provided in a Quote Request with any third party except in the following circumstances:

  • If you submit a Quote Request, we will share your information with selected Vendors who may be able to provide Plumbing Services to you. Although Vendors have agreed to protect your personally identifiable information pursuant to privacy standards which are at as least restrictive as the terms of this Privacy Policy, we do not and cannot control the use of your information after it is transmitted to the Vendor and cannot guarantee that the Vendor will not disclose, sell or use your information in a manner that you do not anticipate. You therefore must contact the Vendor if you have any questions or concerns regarding their use of your information.

  • By submitting your Quote Request you agree to participate in our direct marketing program. Under our direct marketing program we might offer or promote to you other products and services we offer. If you opt-in to avail any of such services or submit a new quote request for any such product or service, we shall share your information with selected vendors who may be able to provide such services to you. After we share your information with such third-party marketers, we do not and cannot control the third-party marketers' subsequent use or disclosure of your information and cannot guarantee that they will not disclose, sell or use your information in a manner that you do not anticipate. You therefore must contact the third-party marketers if you have any questions or concerns regarding their use of your information.

  • If we receive a subpoena or other request to disclose your information in accordance with applicable laws, rules or regulations, we will disclose your information in accordance therewith.

  • If we receive an inquiry from a bona-fide rights owner in connection with allegations of infringement of copyright or other proprietary rights arising from information you have submitted on PLJ or otherwise provided to us, we will disclose your information in response to any such inquiries.

  • If we are acquired by, merge with, or sell all or substantially all of our assets to a third party, we will disclose and/or transfer your information to that third party.

Opt Out

By submitting your information to us, you are consenting to receive marketing communications from Company, its Vendors and its third party marketing partners. If, after you have shared your information with us, you decide that you do not want to receive marketing communications from Company or its Vendors, you can discontinue the communications by sending an email to info@plumberjunction.com with the phrase "opt out" (or similar language) in the subject heading, or by calling 1-703-665-6644. You may also send opt-out requests to the following address:

Optimysis Inc., 20130 Lakeview Center Plz #400, Ashburn, VA 20147

If you have registered or submitted information under more than one email account, you must submit separate opt-out requests for each account.

We may provide information to third parties, and third parties may independently collect information about users. Information shared with, or collected by, these third parties is subject to those third parties' policies governing use and disclosure of personal information. Users should contact those third parties directly if they do not wish to receive communications from them, do not want those third parties to collect information about them, or wish to take any other actions with regard to such information.

Third Party Websites

PLJ may contain links to or from websites owned or operated by third parties. Please note that this Privacy Policy only pertains to information collected on this Site. If you submit any information on any third-party website, whether it links to or from our Site, please note that this Privacy Policy does not apply, and we cannot guarantee that such third parties will not disclose your information. You should consult the privacy policies posted on their websites for additional information as to how they collect, use and disclose your information.

Third-parties who operate a website and wish to link to PLJ, may link to PLJ, provided that any such link must link to PLJ's home page unless PlumberJunction.com has provided prior written permission otherwise. PlumberJunction.com reserves the right to reject or terminate any links to or from PLJ.


We keep the information we collect on PLJ physically secure by storing the information on servers located at data centers which employ reasonable security measures. Such data centers are accessible only by authorized personnel as needed to perform operations associated with the performance of this Site and subject to this Privacy Policy. Despite these reasonable security measures, we do not and cannot guarantee that there will not be unauthorized access or disclosure of the information we store or the information you submit on our Site. Please note that all phone calls with PlumberJunction.com are randomly monitored and recorded for quality assurance and training purposes.

Children's Guidelines

This Site is not directed to, nor intended for use by, individuals under the age of 18, and we do not knowingly collect or use any personally identifiable information from children younger than 13 years of age. In the event that we obtain information from an individual who we learn is under the age of 13, we will promptly delete that individual's information without collecting, using or disclosing such information to any third party.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

If we make changes to this Privacy Policy, we will post the updated Privacy Policy on PLJ. Your continued use of PLJ after the updated Privacy Policy is posted shall indicate your acceptance of the terms and conditions of the updated Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions of the updated Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please e-mail us at info@plumberjunction.com

Last Updated: 12/06/2018

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