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Plumbing Quotes

What seem like a simple plumbing problem can easily escalate into a disaster if not properly handled. Worst still, hiring the wrong plumber for your job may cause more harm than good in the long run.

With Plumber Junction, you can easily find and hire professional plumbing contractors near you. We have the largest database of professional plumbers (residential and commercial) across the United States.

We ensure all our plumbers are vetted thoroughly with a background check. So all you have to do to hire a professional plumber near you is to request for Free Plumbing Quotes.

How to get Free Plumbing Quotes

With Plumber Junction, you can easily get Free Plumbing Quotes right from the comfort of your home. Click on Request for Free Plumbing Quotes to get started.

We are always excited to send Free Plumbing Quotes to everyone who care to ask. Having Free Plumbing Quotes handy gives you the opportunity to compare costs and quality of services before hiring any plumbing contractor.

Best practices to get an accurate quote

How can you tell if your Plumbing Quotes are accurate?

Make sure you send a complete and very precise details about the scope of your job. If possible, send pictures and videos to make it easier for the plumber to come up with an accurate Plumbing Quote

You can also request for an in-home estimate by inviting the plumber over to your home to see the plumbing job before coming up with an estimate. This is one of the most effective methods to make sure you get an accurate plumbing estimate.

The best part is you will get multiple Free Plumbing Quotes from Plumber Junction so you can carefully compare them before making up your mind.

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What to look for in a plumber before hiring?

The most effective method of hiring the right plumber is to know exactly what to look out for before hiring. Here is a simple road map of what to consider before settling for any plumber:

  • Licensure

    Professional plumbing contractors have all the required credentials to do their trade. The plumbing license is an indication that the plumber is qualified and permitted by law to perform plumbing works.

    The license also means that your interest will be protected if something goes wrong with your job. So ask the plumbers on your shortlist for their license and how to verify their credentials before hiring.

  • Insurance

    Professional plumbing contractors are required to protect their employees with workers’ compensation and liability insurance. This is required to protect the plumbers in the event of an injury on the job.

    In the event that such insurance is not in place, the homeowner or business owner will be responsible for any injured contractor’s medical bill.

    The liability insurance also covers the expenses of repairs and damages caused by the plumbing contractors while doing their job. If the contractor does not have the insurance, the homeowner or business owner will be liable for all repairs and damages caused by the plumbers while working.

  • Experience

    Ask the plumbers you intend to hire if they have done any job that is similar to yours before and request for proof or references of such jobs. A plumbing contractor with enough experience for your job will do a better job than a plumber who will see your job as an experiment.

  • Warranty/ Guarantee

    There are several reasons why you should never hire a plumber without a warranty/guaranty. For instance, what happens in the event that the plumber couldn’t deliver all or some of his promises? And who will be responsible if a part of the job goes wrong? So ask for a warranty/guarantee in writing before hiring any plumbing contractor.

  • Communication

    While communication may seem like a secondary skill for a plumbing contractor, it is absolutely important if you really want to get absolute value for your money.

    A professional plumber must be able to communicate in clear terms how he will provide solutions for your plumbing job, the duration of the job, and if any extra materials will be required.

    Inability to communicate properly may cause a misunderstanding between you and the plumber.

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